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 IS-634: Introduction to FEMA’s Public Assistance Program
 IS-33.18: FEMA Initial Ethics Orientation 2018
 IS-35.18: FEMA Safety Orientation 2018
 IS-552: The Public Works Role in Emergency Management
 IS-393.b: Introduction to Hazard Mitigation
 IS-276.a: Benefit-Cost Analysis Fundamentals
 IS-632.a: Introduction to Debris Operations
 IS-558: Public Works and Disaster Recovery
 IS-556: Damage Assessment for Public Works

Licenses Held By Key Personnel

 Licensed, Georgia General Contractor and Utility Contractor
 Licensed, Florida Certified General Contractor
 Licensed, Mississippi Certified General Contractor
 Licensed, Louisiana General Contractor and Public Works Contractor
 Licensed, Tennessee Certified General Contractor
 Licensed, Georgia/Florida Real Estate Broker and Salesperson
 Licensed, Georgia and Puerto Rico Electrical Contractor
 Licensed, Georgia Conditioned Air Contractor
 Licensed, Georgia Plumbing Contractor
 Registered, Professional Engineers – Civil/Structural/Mechanical/Electrical/Sanitation
 Registered Architect – LEED Accredited Professional
 Certified, Southern Building Code Congress International (SBBCI) Building Inspector
 Certified, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB)
 Certified, USACE Construction Quality Management
 Certified, COE Construction Quality Management for Contractors
 Certified, ASHRAE certificate in Advance Engineering
 Certified, EPA Accredited Asbestos Inspector
 Certified, NIOSH Course #582, Asbestos Air Sampling and Analysis
 Certified, Toxicology
 Certified, Industrial Ventilation
 Certified, 30-Hr OSHA Course for Construction Industry
 Certified, Lead Abatement and Risk Assessor
 Certified, OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations& Emergency Response
(HAZWOPER) Certification
 Certified, Environmental Audits and Site Assessments in Property Transfer
 Certified, Asbestos Abatement Contractor/Project Supervisor
 Certified, Level II Design Professional (Erosion Control)


Bachelor of Science, Construction
 Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering
 Bachelor of Science, Architectural Construction Engineering
 Bachelor of Science, Architecture Engineering Development
 Bachelor of Science, Architecture
 Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering
 Bachelor of Science, Mathematics
 Bachelor of Science, Industrial Technology
 Bachelor of Science, Physics
 Bachelor of Science, Biology
 Bachelor of Science, Accounting
 Bachelor of Arts, Mechanical Engineer
 Bachelor of Science, Business Management
 Master of Science, Construction
 Master of Science, Architecture
 Master of Business Administration
 Graduate Studies, Environmental Engineering

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